21 November 2019 · Hino News

Hino showcases innovative thinking at the Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show 2019 once again showed why it’s one of the world’s leading motor shows, displaying some amazing, futuristic and creative cars, bikes and vehicles for people to get around. The theme for the Hino stand was ‘Transporting every Happiness’ and it didn’t disappoint, as we (Hino) aimed to show our Future tech-laden trucks for an audience that was looking for innovation and excitement.

The new 700 Series Profia Hybrid

The new 700 Series Profia Hybrid

Showcasing some of the most innovative products seen in a commercial vehicle, the new 700 series Profia Hybrid integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help predict the driving load and performs optimal hybrid control to help maximize fuel economy and reduce the overall environmental footprint of the truck.

The Hybrid driveline control has the ability to determine the driving requirements up to 100 kilometres away using a range of varying intelligent factors.

The A09C diesel engine runs in parallel with an electric motor, which are both mated to the 12-speed automated manual transmission.

Manager of Product Strategy for Hino Australia - Daniel Petrovski attended the show and was blown away ‘it’s a very exciting development for Hino globally’

The truck was launched onto the Japanese domestic market in August 2019, but at the moment no specific release date is set for the new Profia. Keep a close eye on our social channels or talk to City Hino.

Hino Flatformer – This is important!

Hino Flatformer – This is important!

Aiming to change the concept of mobility forever, the Hino Flatformer offers a new dimension of operational flexibility, with the goal of aligning to a large number of cab and body configurations in order to suit just about any customers transportation and mobility requirements. 

This is one of the most exciting and innovative concepts to come out of the show and one that could dramatically change the commercial truck industry forever.

“The FlatFormer is a modular electric vehicle platform that measures 4.7m long, 1.7m wide and has a platform height of only 335 mm, with an electric motor output of 170kw delivered through its 6 wheel end motors which are fed energy from the 50kWh Lithium Ion Batteries,” said Daniel Petrovski

The Hino stand also offered a FlatFormer base made from building blocks, with any children visiting the show able to use their imagination and create the mobility model of the future. 

The ‘little monster’ proved a massive hit!

The ‘little monster’ proved a massive hit!

One of the most popular showcases on the stand was the seven-ton super-truck sporting a 8.8-litre inline-6 turbo-diesel engine. The actual Dakar rally 500 series  ‘Little Monster’ was absolutely bursting with a stunning 2,314 Nm of torque and 660 horsepower. We’re a bit jealous we didn’t get to drive or even sit in the winner of 10 consecutive Dakar Rally class events.

We cant wait to see what there is next year!