26 November 2018 · Driving Hints & Tips

Keep your truck running at its best

Keep your truck running at its best.

We talk to Thanh, Australia’s best Hino service technician. 

The annual Hino National Skills Contest ran in August this year and Thanh Nguyen was crowned our Service Skills winner for 2018. Thanh was tested on his diagnostic, analytical and technical skills in a series of hypothetical exercises alongside five other finalists from all over Australia. 

He is a service technician at WA Hino and we recently talked to him on getting the best tips for you, our Hino truck driver. 

To ensure longevity, what would you recommend a driver do to keep their truck running in good working conditions? 

1. Daily checks

I’d recommend getting into a habit of doing daily simple checks that help the life of your truck. There are a few things I’d suggest doing daily that take 5-10 mins:
• Checking the fluid levels are all at correct levels, 
• Check all lights are operational, 
• Drain the air tanks daily if fitted, 
• Look out for fluid leaks on the ground in the mornings, 
• and a general check over of the truck for damages.

2. Schedule servicing

Regular servicing will detect any minor issues so that it can be repaired before it becomes a major issue, reducing downtime and keeping your truck safe on the road. A well-maintained truck will operate smoother for longer and extend the life of your vehicle. 

3. Check your tyres

Checking your tyres for damages and wear. It’s vital to check your tyre pressures as incorrect pressure causes abnormal and excessive wear which will affect how your vehicle handles on the road. It’s also really important to rotate your tyres regularly to even out the wear and keep it balanced to ensure a smooth ride. This can be done by your local Hino dealer.

Would you recommend more people becoming a service technician?

That’s a good question, yes I would! I really enjoy being a service technician, I see something different every day and there is always new challenges. My knowledge expands over time and putting my expertise to use is one of many things that makes this career rewarding. There is a need for more service technicians in our field, so I’d highly recommend getting involved in our industry! 

Why does a genuine dealer service matter? 

A genuine service is always better for your vehicle, as it is being cared for by the expertise of factory trained technicians accustomed to dealing with your type of truck on a day to day basis. Trucks vary greatly and having that knowledge can save you money in the long run, by catching any issues that may appear before they become costly. 

Hino offers Capped Price Service, which gives you control of your operating cost so you can budget ahead. You will also have peace of mind knowing that your scheduled log book servicing is only carried out by Hino trained technicians.

Finally, how did it feel winning the Hino 2018 National Skills contest?

I was in shock when I won, I really didn’t expect it! It’s an incredible feeling words can’t describe and I’m extremely proud to have been nominated to be involved and also win the National competition. It’s a great contest and would recommend all Hino service technicians enter.